Secure doors from Composite Doors Yorkshire

There is a property burgled every minute in the UK, so making sure your home is as safe as possible should always be a priority - and your door plays a huge part in keeping your home secure.

We take security seriously, so all of our Solidor doors meet the police preferred specification and giving you complete peace of mind.

Security features

We never compromise on the security of our doors, making a Solidor composite door the strongest and safest residential door available.

Our doors

You can rest assured that every one of our composite doors will have the following security features:

  • 48mm thick solid timber core
  • Steel reinforced door frames
  • Astral S pick-resistant multi-point locking system

Our locks

Lock snapping is one of the easiest and most common ways burglars break into homes. It involves breaking the lock cylinder and removing it from the door - and this can be done in under 30 seconds.

Because of this, we only use the strongest, most reliable anti-snap locks on our composite doors. As well as being anti-snap, our locks also have the following features:

  • Anti-bump
  • Drill resistant
  • Pick resistant
  • Force resistant
  • Tamper resistant
  • Torque resistant
  • Saw resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Key control

Security in practice

Force resistant secure door from Composite Doors Yorkshire

If someone does try to break into your home, you won’t need to worry about the door or the lock giving up without a fight. In fact, last year a customer got back in touch with us after someone attempted to break into their home, but was unsuccessful thanks to one of our doors.

Even after a prolonged attack with a crowbar, while it did show some signs of damage, the steel reinforced frame wasn’t distorted and the door was still in good working order. The police even advised our customer to order the same door again!

We’re not prepared to compromise on the quality of our doors or the safety of our customers. We have invested heavily to ensure we have the most secure doors on the market, and we’ll never offer you any less.

For more information about the security of our doors, call Composite Doors Yorkshire on 01484 544571 or get in touch via the website.