Break-in Attempt Thwarted Thanks to Composite Door!

We know just how good our composite doors are, particularly when it comes to security, but it’s always great to have this confirmed by others, especially the police!

Composite door still worked perfectly after attempted break-in
That’s exactly what happened recently when we were contacted by a customer - who we’d installed a Beeston composite stable door for in Leeds nearly 2 years ago - to say that someone had attempted to break in but had been unsuccessful thanks to the door!

In fact the door resisted a prolonged attack with a crowbar, with the would-be burglar making his attempt for so long that he was eventually disturbed by a neighbour. 

Although the door shows signs of damage, the steel reinforced frame was not distorted and the door was in perfect working order following the attack. The police were very impressed with the door, advising our customer to buy the same again!

You really couldn’t get a better advert than that for why you should choose a composite door!

Key security features of a composite door
Key features of a composite door:

  • Pick- resistant multi-point locking system
  • Steel reinforced frame
  • 48mm thick solid timber core.

To demonstrate the resilience of our composite doors, we have put the door from the attempted break-in on display in our showroom.

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