How to hang a wreath without damaging your composite door

The countdown to Christmas is officially on, and the Composite Doors Yorkshire team are thinking up all the ways we can add some festive cheer to our homes (and our showroom).

Wreaths are a popular choice when it comes to decorating our homes for Christmas - but what a lot of people might not know, is that hanging your favourite Christmas wreath could be damaging your front door.

How to properly hang a wreath

Here are a couple of ways you can hang a wreath without damaging your composite door:

  • Suction cups - if your wreath isn’t very heavy, suction cups that have a hook on them are ideal. Simply stick the suction cup onto the front of your door and hang the wreath from that. Easy to attach, easy to remove, and no damage to your door.
  • Door knockers - if your door already has accessories on it such as a door knocker, why not use that for hanging your Christmas wreath? All you need to do is tie it to the knocker using a piece of ribbon or floristry wire.
  • Over-door hangers - probably one of the most popular options, you can buy purpose-made wreath hangers which you place over the top of your door to hang down, no attachments needed. Alternatively, you can make your own by attaching a temporary hook to the inside of your door, and hang a length of ribbon or similar material over your door and hang the wreath from that.

If you want to give your door a quick clean before you hang your wreath, use warm, soapy water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. For full details on how to maintain your composite door and keep it looking great for years, click here.

What not to do 

Never use nails, tacks or staples to attach a wreath to the inside or outside of a composite door. Once the outer skin is scratched, this can allow moisture into the door and invalidate your warranty. Plus - once Christmas is over, you don’t want to take down your decorations and find that your previously beautiful composite door is covered in holes!

Get your home ready for winter

Composite Doors Yorkshire are specialist suppliers and installers of energy efficient composite doors - the ideal solution for keeping your home warm and your heating bills low this winter.

Our Solidor composite doors are some of the most energy efficient options on the market. Here’s why:

  • Each door is made using a thermally efficient, 48mm thick solid hardwood timber core.
  • A robust thermoplastic skin helps retain heat and prevent warm air escaping through the closed door.
  • We use Solidor composite doors which were designed specifically around the Kommerling 5 chamber profile system for enhanced thermal performance - instead of the standard three frame systems used by many door manufacturers. This is the same energy efficient profile as our sistter company, Lockwood Windows use in their windows.

To see our full range of composite door designs, click here.

Or visit our Huddersfield showroom to see our very Christmassy doors for yourself (we opted for suction cups if you’re wondering…)

Composite Doors Yorkshire showroom in Huddersfield

Composite door with Christmas wreath in our Huddersfield showroom