Winter Weather & Sticky Doors

If you have a wooden front door you may dread the onslaught of winter weather conditions as the inevitable side effect is your door becomes sticky.

Why does this condition happen in Winter? Due to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity wooden doors and window frames can expand and contract, meaning it either sticks in the frame making it difficult to open, or the opposite where it won’t close properly.

Winter weather and sticky front doors.
So how can you avoid this annoying occurrence? Switch your old wooden door for a new composite one.

Why choose composite?
The benefits of a composite door are many: 

  • Thermally efficient 48mm thick solid hardwood timber core
  • Fade resistant, robust thermo plastic door skins - low maintenance
  • Kommerling outer frame reinforced with galvanised steel - very secure
  • Pick-resistant multi-point Astral S locking cylinder - Secured by Design
  • Fitted with energy efficient Pilkington KS Glass.

….and they also look just like a real wood door and won’t stick!

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