Why Choose A Composite Door?

Composite doors are made up from a variety of materials, but usually consist of a steel reinforced frame with a solid timber hardwood core, topped with a thermo plastic skin, making them both scratch and scuff resistant. The end result is a door that is strong and secure.

However, the composite doors manufactured by us are unique as they combine the Solidor solid timber core and thermo plastic door skins, with the Kommerling galvanised steel reinforced profiles and Astral S high security multi level locking mechanism, as we felt that this combination was even more secure than the standard Solidor range.

Because of this unique combination, the composite doors manufactured by us are probably the most secure on the market. They are also resistant to weathering and will not react to seasonal changes like a singular material door. Composite doors are also more energy efficient because they have a higher thermal resistance than wooden doors.

Although it appears to look just like a solid timber door, a composite door has greater benefits as, thanks to the materials used, it won't fade, discolour or require any maintenance beyond wiping with a damp cloth if it gets dirty.

Composite doors are fast becoming the standard specification for quality new build developments, and when renovating existing properties due to the long-term benefits they provide - reductions in heating costs, improved security and noise reduction.

So if you’re looking for a new door that will provide security, longevity and insulation, and enhance the aesthetics of your home, look no further than a composite door from Composite Doors Yorkshire.

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