What does your door colour say about you?

Elevate your home with our exciting door colours.

Your front door is the gateway to your home, so it’s no surprise your choice of door colour can be more revealing than you might think. Beyond its functional role, the colour of your front door can convey subtle messages about your character and style. In this blog post, we will explore some of the different composite door colours we offer and what they might say about your personality.

What does your door colour say about you?

What does your door colour say about you?

BlackThis colour is most associated with mystery, elegance and prestige (think of the iconic 10 Downing Street). Black usually portrays your personality as someone who takes their outlook on life quite seriously and appreciates a minimalist style of decor. If you’re looking for the ultimate statement in understated tradition, particularly with a townhouse, this is the look to go for. 

Brown –  Warm, earthy and traditional, this door colour can exude strength. Associated with someone who is homely and approachable, this is an excellent choice of colour for someone wanting to enhance the traditional features of their home and to complement its natural charisma and features. 

Red – Did you know that in Scotland, a red door is a sign that you have paid off your mortgage? Whilst you may not want to broadcast this news, a red door may also mean you are passionate and fiery with a zest for life. In Feng Shui, the colour red is associated with exuberating positive energy.

What does your door colour say about you?

What does your door colour say about you?

Light blue – This door colour symbolises you’re probably a calm and relaxed person. It has visual connotations of crystal clear blue sea, and tranquillity. You also possibly enjoy bringing the outdoors in. Your home tends to be peaceful and you are a grounded person who’s true to yourself.

GreenTraditionally, green is a harmonious colour that tells people you are calm and appreciate the outdoors. A classy yet organic colour, it shows you prefer to blend in naturally with your surroundings rather than make a bold statement. Green is a fabulous shade to complement heritage properties or rural homes which are surrounded by nature and greenery.

White – A white door immediately suggests that you are clean, organised and don’t like to be the centre of attention. You appreciate a calm and serene environment and like to keep things in their rightful place, with no clutter lingering in your home. Many people believe white to be a difficult colour to keep clean but with our composite doors, no matter what colour you choose, they require minimal maintenance to stay looking fresh and flawless.

Our doors
Our composite doors are manufactured with fade resistant, robust thermo plastic skins so you can enjoy a vibrant and flawless door colour without the need for frequent repainting or touch-ups. Our full colour palette has a shade to suit every type of property. Additionally, our doors are exceptionally secure and are durable. Constructed using premium-grade materials, including a 48mm timber core and a Kommerling outer frame, reinforced with galvanised steel, our doors are designed to stand the test of time. We are proudly FENSA registered which means we have undergone strict vetting procedures and are routinely inspected, so you can rest assured that our windows and doors are fitted in accordance with current building regulations. 

The colour you opt for your new composite door not only gives the outside world an insight into the personality of those who live inside, but after a hectic day it's wonderful to be greeted by a colour that says 'welcome home!'. Plus, with a wide range of styles, accessories and glass options, you can customise your front door to make it as unique as you are. By taking pride in the exterior of your house, not only does it boost kerbside appeal but it also improves the overall aesthetic of your home, which can impact the way you and your visitors feel. Your choice of door colour really can make all the difference.

However, if you’re unsure of which shade to opt for, why not draw upon the advice from our team of experts? Get in touch with us today, call us on 01484 519677 or drop into our Huddersfield based showroom in West Yorkshire and see our spectrum of colour options for yourself.