Security Priority as Peak Season for Burglary Approaches

With a property burgled every minute in the UK, security is obviously a priority, especially as we head into Autumn and Winter and the evenings get darker. According to research, more domestic burglaries take place between October and December, and adults feel more at risk of burglary during the Winter time.

It makes sense therefore to try to make your home as secure as possible – without going to the extremes of electric fences and barbed wire!

We believe that having a quality composite front and back door could make all the difference as this type of door is better than a traditional uPVC or wood door, both from a security and aesthetic point of view.

Unfortunately the crime statistics released by the Home Office show that incidents of burglary have increased in the last year from 280,000 in 2009/10, to 317,000 in 2010/11. It would be interesting to know what security systems were in place in these homes, but we would think that few, if any, will have had composite doors fitted.

Strong & Secure
Composite doors are made up from a variety of materials, including PVC, wood, insulating foam and thermo plastic door skins. The combination of these materials means that the end result is a door that is strong and secure.

However, what makes the composite doors made by us so unique is that we combine the Solidor solid hardwood timber core and thermo plastic door skins, with the Kommerling galvanised steel reinforced profiles and Astral S locking mechanism, making them even more secure than the standard Solidor range. We also only use the highest standard of cylinder in our locking systems, that have been tested to the highest grade of BS EN 1303 for security, achieving the maximum resistance to physical attack.

Bespoke Service
Because we manufacture to order we can create doors which can incorporate top lights and side panels into the frame ensuring that the composite exterior door you receive from us is probably the most secure and aesthetically pleasing on the market.

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Top Security Tips
Besides having a door which can withstand a burglar’s attempts to gain entry, here are a few other tips to keep your home secure.

1. Don’t be an easy target. Install security lighting and if you’re going to be out after dark, draw the curtains, leave some lights on and a radio playing to make your home appear occupied.

2. Don’t leave side gates open, or ladders and garden tools lying around.

3. Never leave a spare key concealed anywhere near the front door – burglars know all the hiding places.

4. Remove temptation – keep valuables/car keys out of sight of windows.

5. Set your burglar alarm. Most alarms give you the option to set zones within your house, so if you are in bed upstairs you can still have the alarm set downstairs.