Put the paintbrush down

Gruelling weather conditions can really put your property through its paces and now that spring has sprung and we’ve dusted off the winter months it may be evident that the exterior of your home is looking less than fabulous. So, if your windows and doors have taken a battering this winter, we’ll explain why it may be a better option to invest in replacing them instead of just giving them a quick fix with a lick of paint.

It may be tempting, and seem like a more cost-effective option, to paint your windows and doors, but by doing so, you’re simply temporarily masking issues that will still be present in the long run. If you're thinking of selling your house, it’s worth noting that well-maintained windows and doors are a key decision factor for a house buyer. They’ll see it as a key feature that doesn’t require immediate financial outlay for replacement. Therefore, unless they are relatively new and painted with a seamless and professional finish it could devalue your home, plus deter potential buyers. If you’re staying in your property but you feel as though time hasn’t been kind to the exterior of your home, it’s worth considering that replacing them is a worthwhile investment to ensure your property looks fresh and flawless for years to come.

Put the paintbrush down

Put the paintbrush down

Harsh weather conditions can take their toll on your home, especially if your windows and doors are older and already looking a little worse for wear. However, choosing to paint them may bring more problems than actual benefits. Paint naturally doesn’t stick well to PVCu, therefore you would need to sand and prime before painting, which could significantly compromise the already dubious state of your windows and doors by affecting their structural integrity. So, why not put down the paint brush and take a closer look at the benefits of the composite doors and PVCu windows we offer…


  • High quality - We understand that replacing your windows and doors is a financial investment and a big change for any property, which is why it's important you have peace of mind from knowing you're instructing a company that you can trust will do the job to a high standard. With 25 years' experience and being able to provide the full service, from quotation through to manufacture and installation, you can rest assured that our expert team will assist you in making the right choice for you and your property. 

  • Choices galore, customise your windows and doors - Whether your home is a contemporary new build or a homely cottage, our high-quality PVCu windows and composite doors are available in a wide variety of styles to suit every property no matter how big or small. Classic white, fiery red or contemporary grey, with over 25 exciting colours to choose from, plus an extensive selection of accessories, you can customise your brand new composite door to reflect the architectural style of your home.

  • Energy efficient - Older windows and doors can let cold draughts and exterior noise seep through. One of the main benefits of our PVCu windows and composite doors is their thermal efficiency, leading to increased heat retention therefore helping to lower energy bills and provide a higher energy rating.

  • Safe as houses - All of our composite doors are fitted with an Astral S locking cylinder, solid timber core and galvanised steel frame, resulting in a door that is one of the most secure on the market.

  • Durable - Our high-quality PVCu windows and composite doors are designed to withstand the test of time, come rain or shine. Durable, weather-proof and highly resistant to corrosion or warping, they are an excellent option as they’re fade resistant and require minimal maintenance to stay looking impeccable.

  • As unique as you are -  By using the Solidor core door slab, we are able to offer a bespoke service where we can manufacture a brand new composite door to fit any door surround, regardless of shape or size. In addition to this, we’re also able to create an integrated frame including top and side lights which provides greater security and increased aesthetic appeal.


That’s it folks, now that we’ve discussed why you should put the paint brush down, looked at the benefits of our windows and doors, and why you should consider replacing them instead, if you’re ready to take that all-important next step get in touch with us or call our friendly team on 01484 544571 to discuss your requirements.