Open up the big back doors!

The seasons are changing, winter is on its way and so are the dark cold nights. The big ‘C’ is around the corner, yes we said it! Christmas is in sight. However, with this in mind, now might be a good time to think ahead to Spring and the prospect of opening the rear of your house out onto the garden.

As we bid goodbye to another summer of warm, glorious weather, we say hello to shorter, darker days, cosy evenings by the fireplace and dig out those chunky sweaters at the back of our wardrobe. Before you know it, we’ll be ringing in the new year… so let’s talk about getting your home spring-ready with our bi-fold doors and the difference they can make to a property, whatever the size.  

Open up the big back doors!

Open up the big back doors!

A quick technical lesson.  Bi-fold doors are made up of several panels that are hinged together on a concealed track which fold away unobtrusively, opening up the doorway and drawing light into the darkest of rooms. As they allow an entire wall to be replaced with glass panels they enable access to 100% of the aperture area. Additionally, bi-fold doors have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as they make a very dramatic modern statement to any home. 

To help you decide if bi-fold doors are right for you, here’s a quick summary of the key benefits to having them installed in your home:  

  • Ease of use – By creating an extension of the living room into the garden or the bedroom out onto a balcony, bi-fold doors make the inside and outside of your property blend seamlessly.

  • Thermally efficient – With the rise in energy prices in recent times, by replacing older doors with our bi-fold doors you can improve your home's energy rating, increase heat retention and reduce your overall energy costs.

  • Unobtrusive – Another noticeable benefit of bi-fold doors is that they fold away compactly, taking up minimal space.

  • A breath of fresh air – With many people working from home as the new ‘norm’, it can be easy to fall into a rut and notice a dip in productivity. By opening up the back of your house, the natural daylight and fresh air can considerably boost your energy and overall mood.

  • Visually pleasing – Bi-fold doors can modernise and add a contemporary look to any property.

  • Move out of the way – When the bi-fold door is open, you have an unrestricted view to the rear of your property.

  • Enjoy the summer – As the days become longer and sunnier, bi-fold doors are the perfect addition to any property to utilise the extra warmth and sunlight during the summer months.

  • The ‘wow’ factor – Bi-fold doors are a stunning feature to any home, creating a striking focal point.

  • Low maintenance – The beauty of bi-fold doors is that they require very little maintenance, therefore they’re ensured to stay looking impeccable.

Our bi-fold doors

At Lockwood, our thermally efficient bi-fold and sliding doors are fitted with energy efficient Pilkington KS glass as standard which helps to achieve high energy ratings as it is a low emissivity coated glass that reflects heat back into the room. In addition to this they let in the sun, reducing the need to switch on your heating. Available in a selection of colours, there’s a shade to suit every architectural style of property, click here to discover more.

Installing bi-fold doors may seem a daunting household improvement. But by choosing Lockwood you’ll be working with a company which has years of experience and expertise. We’ll come over and survey your property so that we can check on the structural issues, before talking through design options and finishes.  We can then give you a quote and an estimate for the time it will take to ensure you have a bi-fold solution that will be a pleasure to experience once spring comes around next year.  

So now we’ve discussed our bi-fold doors and all of the fabulous features they come with, if you’re ready to take the next step contact our expert team on 01484 519 677 to receive a free no-obligation quote today.