Keep Your Home Secure With A Composite Door

The importance of having a robust front door complete with high-quality locks has been reiterated by the latest official crime figures.

Data compiled by the Office for National Statistics showed that in 73% of burglaries during 2011/12, the offender gained entry to the property through a door, with more than half of them getting in from the front of the house.

Many of the break-ins could have been prevented by the householders, as in only 23% of those cases did the burglars actually have to force the door lock to gain access, because many people neglect to lock their front door when they are in the garden or pop out for a few minutes.

It is clear from the statistics that the majority of burglaries are opportunistic crimes and that criminals tend to avoid homes which have good security measures in place.

Tom Stringer, head of AA Home Emergency Response, recommended fitting an alarm, and added: “Strong locks can put off or at least slow down burglars.”

All composite doors from Composite Doors Yorkshire feature high-quality pick-resistant multi-point locking systems complete with cylinders that comply with the BS EN 1303 standard, which demonstrates they have the maximum level of resistance to physical attack.

Keep Your Home Secure With A Composite Door

Keep Your Home Secure With A Composite Door

The construction of our composite doors also makes them a better choice for security than traditional wood or uPVC doors, as they have a 48mm thick solid timber core and are fitted with reinforced door frames.

In addition to helping to keep your home safe from burglars, a composite door is an energy efficient option and one that could improve the look of your property.