How to Choose The Right 'Statement' Front Door

The ‘statement’ front door is one of the main home design trends of 2014 and one that is easy to achieve, without the risk of your property looking unfashionable in a year’s time.
For design bloggers and Pinterest users, the trend is all about style and adding kerb appeal to houses - but choose a high-quality composite door for your ‘statement’ and you will also see benefits in the form of lower energy bills and improved security.

How to Choose The Right 'Statement' Front Door

How to Choose The Right 'Statement' Front Door

There are four main factors to consider when selecting your ‘statement’ door:

  • Surroundings

  • Colour

  • Style

  • Practicality

Perhaps the most important of these is surroundings, as it will influence your choice of colourStylish front doors and style. Think carefully about the age and exterior design of your home, as well as the look of neighbouring houses, as this will help you to avoid choosing an inappropriate new front door that catches the eye solely because it looks out of place. 

Fitting a composite door with an eye-catching colour, such as a deep Red or Green, is one of the easiest ways to make your home stand out. A similarly striking effect can be achieved with a sleek dark Blue or Black, particularly if you choose a contemporary design of door.

If you live in a period property or your home is in a rural area, you may prefer a more subtle colour, such as Chartwell Green or Duck Egg Blue. Alternatively, you could select a natural looking finish like Oak or Rosewood for your new door.

At Composite Doors Yorkshire, there are 40 different designs of composite door available, meaning there is certain to be something that makes the right kind of ‘statement’ for your home. A solid door is an excellent choice if you want to achieve a contemporary look, while you could opt for a rustic cottage style for a rural property or an Edwardian design with distinctive glazed panels for a classic appearance.

Whatever style you select, you will want to ensure your new front door is as practical as possible. A high-quality composite door - one that is made from a solid timber core, steel reinforced profile and two thermo plastic door skins - will help to reduce your energy bills, provide a high level of security and be resistant to both scratches and scuffs.

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