How Secure is Your Home?

According to the latest crime statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the year ending June 2014 there were an estimated 779,000 incidents of domestic burglary, which although sounds like a significant figure, is actually a decrease of 12% on the same period last year.

Despite the decrease, domestic burglary is still a real concern for homeowners, especially as we head into the dark winter months when criminals use the cover of darkness to carry out their crimes. According to Aviva there is a 20% increase in home burglaries during this period, with Halifax Home Insurance saying that the average cost of a winter burglary is £1746!

The Metropolitan Police have a dedicated *website which provides a multitude of tips to help protect your home, however when it comes to windows and doors, the following are the ones we would highly recommend:

How Secure is Your Home?

How Secure is Your Home?


  • Close and lock your windows even if you are only going out for a few minutes.

  • Toughened or double glazed windows are more secure than single glazed.

  • Windows should be fitted with a good lock appropriate for the type of window.

  • Avoid leaving valuables near windows e.g. mobile phones, keys etc.

  • The windows we manufacture use the Kommerling 070 or C70 frame which have galvanised steel reinforcement, and all windows have multi-point locking systems, shoot bolts and internal beading for enhanced security and peace of mind.

How Secure is Your Home?

How Secure is Your Home?


  • Doors are the primary entry or exit point for burglars so it is important to ensure they are secure.

  • Your doors should be fitted with a 5 lever mortice deadlock.

  • A strong frame is essential to support the door, hinges and lock.

  • The door itself should be at least 45mm thick.

  • Letterboxes should have an internal cover plate.

  • For added safety and security the door should have a spy hole and door chain.

At Lockwood Windows we specialise in composite doors which have a 48mm thick solid timber core, pick-resistant multi-point locking systems - the Astral S - and reinforced door frames to give you the strongest and most secure option available in a residential door.

* Metropolitan Police Operation Bumblebee