Energy efficient composite doors

We are never prepared to compromise on the quality of our doors. And ensuring that they’re as energy efficient as possible is one of our top priorities.

Composite doors

Energy efficient composite door - Composite Doors Yorkshire

Our Solidor composite doors are some of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly options on the market. Some of the main reasons for this are:

  • Each door is made using a thermally efficient, 48mm thick solid hardwood timber core.

  • A robust thermoplastic skin helps retain heat and prevent warm air escaping through the closed door.

  • Instead of the standard three frame systems used by many door manufacturers, we use the Kommerling 5 chamber profile system in each of our composite doors for enhanced thermal performance.

  • If you choose a door with glass panes, we only use low emissivity Pilkington K glass to maintain high energy ratings and help our glazed doors comply with Building Regulations Part L.

We have also taken the following measures to ensure that our composite doors are as environmentally friendly as possible:

  • Our doors are made using timber from sustainably managed forests.

  • Every one of our doors can be recycled at the end of its life.

  • All manufactured in the UK to minimise environmental impact.

  • All door skins and edgebanding are completely lead free.

PVCu Windows

We also supply high quality, energy efficient PVCu windows through our sister company, Lockwood Windows.

Energy efficient PVCu window - Lockwood Windows

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) provides third party certification for the thermal performance of new windows, using an A - G grading scale. To ensure that our PVCu windows all achieve high ratings from the BFRC, we have invested in the following features: 

  • We offer our customers the Kommerling C70 frame system which has five chambers, making it one of the most thermally efficient window systems on the market.

  • High quality PVCu prevents heat escaping from the room through the window frame, improving thermal efficiency and maintaining temperature in the home.

    When choosing new windows, however, be sure to ask your supplier what they use as reinforcement. In order to achieve high energy ratings, some suppliers simply use a thermal plastic sleeve. While this is good for thermal efficiency, it often isn’t effective for security. That’s why we use steel reinforcements in all of our PVCu windows.

  • All of our windows use Pilkington KS, or a similar low emissivity glass. Low emissivity coated glass reflects heat back into the room, whilst letting in free heat from the sun (known as passive solar gain).

  • We also offer Pilkington energiKare: an energy efficient double glazing unit. When used in combination with a high quality frame, it helps the glass achieve the requirements of the Energy Saving Trust. This has resulted in Pilkington energiKare receiving Energy Saving Recommended Status. 

Composite Doors Yorkshire are a specialist supplier of high quality, energy efficient standard and bespoke composite doors. If you're looking for new or replacement doors, give us a call on 01484 544571 or contact us via the website.