Composite Doors - Make An Entrance

Have you ever browsed Rightmove, looked in an estate agent’s window or simply walked down a residential street and thought ‘Wow - that house looks amazing’?

Instant kerb appeal with a composite door

Could you put your finger on what made you stop and take notice? We’d hazard a guess that the front door was one of the main things that made an impression.

Over 30 styles of composite door and 20 colours to choose from
You can give your home instant kerb appeal with the right entranceway, one that matches the style of the house - modern, traditional, cottage, new or old - and of course a colour that both complements and makes an impact!

With over 30 styles of composite door and 20 stunning colours to choose from, plus options on stable or French doors, and a range of accessories to add the finishing touch, enhancing your home is simple.

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