Can a Cat Flap be Fitted In a Composite Door?

One question we are regularly asked by customers is whether or not a cat flap can be fitted in a composite door. The good news for pet lovers is that it is possible, but it is best to do it when you have the door made.

Composite doors feature solid hardwood timber cores and robust coloured thermo-plastic skins, which means they are more secure, energy efficient and weather resistant than standard doors.

While that in-built sturdiness all but rules out any DIY alterations, the fact that high-quality composite doors are usually made to order means there is an opportunity to add a cat flap when you first choose your new front door.

We have experience of manufacturing composite doors in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including a number of unusual bespoke designs, so our specialist team has the expertise needed to make them with apertures for cat flaps.

It is better to produce the door ready for a cat flap to be fitted than to attempt to add one later for a number of reasons, including that it won’t invalidate the warranty and that the opening will be properly sealed.

Of course, there may be circumstances in which you wish to retrofit a cat flap in a composite door, but it is a difficult job and not one suitable for enthusiastic DIYers.

There are some joiners who advertise the service but before you hire one of them, make sure you check their references and speak to the company that made the door to find out how the work will affect your warranty.

Can a Cat Flap be Fitted In a Composite Door?

Can a Cat Flap be Fitted In a Composite Door?

You may find there are better alternatives to trying to add a cat flap to a composite door that has already been installed, as it is possible to fit them in locations including conservatories, patio doors and even external walls.

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