A beginners guide to composite doors

In recent years, homeowners are opting to replace the doors to their property with composite doors as opposed to uPVC. In this blog post we discover why composite doors have become the door of choice!

Known for their durability and longevity, composite doors provide a wealth of benefits, but what is a composite door and why should we choose one for our home.

What is a composite door?

A composite door is made up of a variety of materials to make one overall structure. They combine a solid timber core and thermo plastic door skin, with a Kommerling outer frame reinforced with galvanised steel and Astral S locking cylinder, resulting in a door that is extremely strong and secure.

Why choose a composite door and the key benefits

  • Security – It’s important you and your family feel safe and secure within your home. Composite doors feature state-of-the-art locking mechanisms and a galvanised steel reinforced frame to ensure maximum protection against physical attack.
  • Energy efficient - Older doors can let exterior noise and cold draughts into your property. Composite doors offer excellent thermal insulation leading to increased heat retention, which contributes to improved energy ratings within the home.
  • A variety of colours – From Ruby Red to Twilight Grey, you can reflect your sense of style and bring out your property’s natural charm with a wide colour palette to choose from.
  • Glass options – Bevelled or coloured? Traditional or modern? With a large variety of decorative glass to choose from, you can create a stunning look to customise your new composite door.
  • Accessorise - We also offer an extensive selection of accessories, allowing you to create a truly unique entryway to your home.
  • Longevity – Unlike traditional timber, composite doors are well-built, durable and highly resistant to damage, cracking or warping.
  • Low Maintenance – Fade resistant, thermo plastic skins ensure that composite doors can handle the bleakest of weather conditions with minimal maintenance required. We recommend using warm soapy water and a soft dry cloth to clean your door to ensure it looks fresh and pristine for years to come.
  • Environmentally friendly – Composite doors can be recycled at the end of their life. In addition to this, all of the timber used in our composite doors has been sourced from forests that are sustainable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing – With the large variety of colours available, the option to customise your accessories plus the timber wood grain effect it’s easy to see how a composite door can increase your property’s kerbside appeal.

Our composite doors

Solidor standard doors
Our Solidor standard doors come in a wide variety of colours and styles. Furthermore, all of our composite doors feature a 48mm thick solid timber core with a Kommerling outer frame, reinforced with galvanised steel to ensure exceptional levels of security. In addition to this, we use an Astral S pick resistant multi point locking system to provide enhanced protection.

Bespoke solid composite doors
We understand one size doesn’t fit all, or perhaps you require something more unique for your property. We are able to offer a bespoke service where we have the ability to manufacture composite doors to the size and shape required to fit the entryway to your home, regardless of shape or size. Furthermore, we are also able to manufacture composite doors that incorporate side panels and top lights within a single frame.

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