Don't Move...Improve with New Windows & Doors

In a recent article by the Telegraph, some of our leading home improvement experts were asked for their advice on adding the best long-term value to a home, at a time when many homeowners are choosing to stay put rather than move house.

Sarah Beeny, Kevin McCloud and George Clarke all pinpointed insulation and energy efficiency as key factors. “If you’re staying somewhere for 10 or 20 years, doing everything you can to use as little energy as possible is one of the most important improvements you’ll ever make,” says Beeny.

We certainly agree and, as Beeny also says, don’t compromise. It really is false economy to install insufficient insulation measures or scrimp on plumbing and electrics etc. Once the heat is in your home, the aim is to retain as much as possible as this will save energy and, in turn, reduce your bills.

In these instances the majority of people would automatically think of cavity wall or roof insulation, but just as important are your windows and doors.


Don't Move...Improve with New Windows & Doors

Don't Move...Improve with New Windows & Doors

Following the introduction of new building regulations last year (2011) all new windows must be compliant with regards to thermal loss, but the same can’t be said for windows in older properties, which could be responsible for loss of energy in your home.

At Lockwood Windows we are audited annually by BuildCheck to ensure we meet the standards of the British Fenestration Rating Council, and all our windows now have the best energy ratings of A to C. In addition we use the Kommerling 070 and C70 window frame systems, which are not only highly energy efficient, but also reinforced with steel to ensure security.

What's more all our products are available in a choice of foil laminated dual colours, which are durable, hard-wearing and weather resistant.

But it’s not just windows that require attention, don’t forget your doors too. Our range of composite doors are the greenest, most energy-efficient and most sustainable available, featuring a thermally efficient reinforcing system which is 100% recycled.

Don't Move...Improve with New Windows & Doors

Don't Move...Improve with New Windows & Doors


The beauty of a composite door is that it can be colour matched to the frame. You can even choose a different colour for either side of your door so that it matches your interior décor as well.

So if you’re thinking about improving your home make sure replacement doors and windows are top of your list!