25% of Homeowners Rely on Neighbours for Security

For one in four people, having trustworthy neighbours is the key to feeling most secure at home - according to the latest Association of British Insurers (ABI) consumer survey - with nearly 3 in 10 admitting to leaving doors unlocked and windows open when going out briefly, despite the fact that the survey showed 42% of people recognise the importance of good locks.

With 36% of all burglaries being opportunistic, failing to secure doors and windows is an open invitation to thieves. But even if you do lock your doors and windows, are they as secure as they can be? A recent BBC programme demonstrated how easy it was to gain entry into homes fitted with doors normally featuring a euro cylinder style lock.

At Lockwood Windows we manufacture and install composite doors and windows that use Kommerling galvanised steel reinforced profiles and Astral S high security multi level locking mechanisms to make them probably the most secure on the market.

The doors also benefit from a Solidor solid timber core and thermo plastic door skins, making them resistant to weathering and highly thermally efficient.

Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance at the ABI said:
“While it can be reassuring for householders to have neighbours they can trust, this alone cannot substitute the value of sensible home security measures. Common mistakes, such as leaving doors unlocked and windows open, could invite thieves, putting your possessions at risk. Following sensible security measures and ensuring your property and its contents are adequately covered are the wise steps people should follow to protect their homes.”

*Information courtesy of The Birtish Association of Insurers.

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